As of September 2016 there are 12 more grave sites to visit in order to complete The Hall Ball. There is a plan in place which will allow us to complete those travels by the Summer of 2017, but there’s one important piece of the plan that we still need.


We have spoken to the Hall of Fame and we know for a fact that The Hall Ball would be the first crowd-sourced donation to Cooperstown.  You can become a part of this epic journey with your financial donation to The Hall Ball at gofundme.  Click the link below and discover how donating can not only make you a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but can also secure you some pretty cool thank you gifts, including an autographed picture of a Hall of Famer with The Hall Ball and a chance for you to join us on one of the trips to complete the quest.

We can’t do it without you.


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  1. John Wakelin

    Greetings Ralph. Arrived home in Payson,Arizona about an hour ago. Best wishes for you on the quest. A pleasure to meet you. Had a blast. Thanks for making it a special weekend! John

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