A number of people have already contributed to The Hall Ball in a myriad of ways.  Without them, we wouldn’t be as close as we are.  Thanks to you and for believing in the quest.

Player Access

Brian Coppola with JP Sports and Rock Solid Promotions * Mollie Ann Bracigliano, Jared Salvato and Reggie Halloway with MAB Celebrity Services * Brendan Herlihy, Eric Levy, George De Jesus and Nicole with Steiner Sports * Quentin Hasak with Doubleday Field * Brandon Koehnke with the Cleveland Indians * Sean Morgan and Lauren Graziano with Fanatics Authentic * Joe Pelc with the Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals



Alana Jacoby * Steve Rosenberg * Elizabeth Rothman * Beth LaValle * Marlene Vogelsang * Daniel Lipton * Dan Adamsky * Dennis Degenhardt * Brian Sattinger

Major League

Anonymous * Sophia McGee * John Wakelin * John Thorn * Marjorie Adams * John Sawicki * George Dougherty

All Star

Julia & Ralph Carhart * Bill Cornell * Dakin Lecakes * Laurie & Bob Peterson * Amelia J. Michael * Douglas Filomena

Hall of Famer

Tony Milito * Peg Samuels


Website Bio Writers

Alan Bard * Brian Beebe * Arthur Boodaghian * Ej Garr * Jeff Greenberg * Tony Milito * Marty & Tisha Peronto * Michael Rinehart Jr. * Steve Rosenberg * Steve Smith

Other Angels

Ej Garr and Lisa Iannucci with Sportspalooza Radio

Stew Thornley, whose amazing website has been invaluable on the journey

Mark and Jackson Bell, who took tender care of the Ball when they traveled to Milwaukee to get the photo of Henry Aaron

Rebecca Ash, Martín Dihigo Jr., Casey Drane, Jeff Greenberg, Sam Hershman, Jess Hoffman, Ken Kerbs, Corey Kilgannon, Jeremy Krock (founder of the Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project), Dakin Lecakes, Amelia J. Michael, Bob Peterson, Jeremy Rishe, Steve Rosenberg, Phil Ross, Mel Schmittroth, Orion Schmittroth, Xavier Schmittroth, Brook Silva-Braga, Loren Studley, Robert Tholkes, and Bryan Thomas, all of whom have joined me on various parts of my travels. An extra shout out to all the Cubaballistas, especially Clem Paredes, Kit and Pepito Krieger, and Larry Phillips. Without them the trip to Cruces, and the chance to visit the grave of Martín Dihigo with his charming son by my side, would not have been possible.

The following people helped make The Hall Ball possible by providing an itinerant traveler with a place to rest: Rebecca Ash * The Brennans (Meredith, David, Jack and Abigail) * Joe Blodgett & Joey Kotfica * Elizabeth Rothman * Robert Tholkes

And, most importantly, Anna, Bella and Violet, who have sacrificed countless hours of vacation time so that I could drag them through another cemetery.  Without the three of you, there would be no Hall Ball.

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