The Members A – E

The Members of the Hall are listed alphabetically by last name.  Click on the links below to bring you directly to each member and to find out biographical information about each Hall of Famer.  You can also discover if they’ve already become a part of The Hall Ball, including their order of acquisition and the date and location that the original photo was taken.

Aaron, Hank

Alexander, Grover

Alomar, Roberto

Alston, Walter

Anderson, Sparky

Anson, Cap

Aparicio, Luis

Appling, Luke

Ashburn, Richie

Averill, Earl

Bagwell, Jeff

Baker, Home Run

Bancroft, Dave

Banks, Ernie

Barlick, Al

Barrow, Ed

Beckley, Jake

Bell, Cool Papa

Bench, Johnny

Bender, Chief

Berra, Yogi

Biggio, Craig

Blyleven, Bert

Boggs, Wade

Bottomley, Jim

Boudreau, Lou

Bresnahan, Roger

Brett, George

Brock, Lou

Brouthers, Dan

Brown, Mordecai Three-Finger

Brown, Raymond

Brown, Willard

Bulkeley, Morgan

Bunning, Jim

Burkett, Jesse

Campanella, Roy

Carew, Rod

Carey, Max

Carlton, Steve

Carter, Gary

Cartwright, Alexander Joy

Cepeda, Orlando

Chadwick, Henry

Chance, Frank

Chandler, Happy

Charleston, Oscar

Chesbro, Jack

Chylak, Nestor

Clarke, Fred

Clarkson, John

Clemente, Roberto

Cobb, Ty

Cochrane, Mickey

Collins, Eddie

Collins, Jimmy

Combs, Earle

Comiskey, Charles

Conlan, Jocko

Connolly, Tom

Connor, Roger

Cooper, Andy

Coveleski, Stan

Cox, Bobby

Crawford, Sam

Cronin, Joe

Cummings, Candy

Cuyler, Kiki

Dandridge, Ray

Davis, George

Dawson, Andre

Day, Leon

Dean, Dizzy

Delahanty, Ed

Dickey, Bill

Dihigo, Martín

DiMaggio, Joe

Doby, Larry

Doerr, Bobby

Dreyfuss, Barney

Drysdale, Don

Duffy, Hugh

Durocher, Leo

Eckersley, Dennis

Evans, Billy

Evers, Johnny

Ewing, Buck

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