Barney Dreyfuss

Born in Freiburg, Germany, Barney Dreyfuss became interested in baseball when a doctor recommended the young workaholic find a hobby.  Spurred by his enjoyment of the game, he became a partial owner of the American Association Louisville Colonels in 1888 and helped foster their entry into the National League in 1892.  When the Colonels were contracted after the 1899 season, Dreyfuss purchased controlling interest in the Pittsburgh Pirates, owning the team for thirty-two years. His teams won six pennants and two World Series. Dreyfuss was responsible for the building of Forbes Field, which would serve as the home of the Pirates from 1909-1970, as well the Homestead Grays and even the Pittsburgh Steelers until 1963.

When Dreyfuss bought the Pirates he made sure to bring along a number of his star players from the Louisville Colonels, including Hall of Famers Fred Clarke, Rube Waddell and Honus Wagner.

 Barney Dreyfuss


August 7, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA

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