Dan Brouthers

Brouthers made his Major League Baseball debut with the Troy Trojans, a National League team that played in Upstate New York in the 1870’s and 80’s.  He struggled early in his career while playing for the hopeless Trojans, but soon became one of the game’s most feared hitters, clubbing 106 home runs during the Dead-Ball era.  He would go on to play for nine teams over a seventeen-year major league career, changing cities frequently because the teams he played for were either sold or went bankrupt during the volatile early days of professional baseball.

In 1904, eight years after his last Major League appearance, Brouthers had five at bats with John McGraw’s New York Giants.  The 46 year-old Brouthers wasn’t the oldest man on the 1904 roster, either.  That honor went to fellow Hall of Famer, 53 year-old catcher Jim O’Rourke.

Dan Brouthers


March 8, 2011

Wappingers Falls, NY

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    Brouthers and several other stars of the era prior to 1910 were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee. In honor of his achievements in Buffalo, he was inducted into the newly formed Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985.

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