Ed Barrow

Perhaps no one has ever had the keen eye for talent, and the combination of baseball and business acumen, that Ed Barrow did.  He bought his first team in 1895, the Wheeling Mountaineers.  It was as a minor league owner that he discovered Honus Wagner, selling the talented youth for $2,100 in 1897.  He took over as skipper of the Red Sox in 1918 and he immediately decreased Babe Ruth’s time on the pitching mound and increased his time in the outfield.  Barrow himself moved to the Yankees front office in 1921, the year after the Bambino went to the Bronx.  He would build the first great Yankees dynasty, winning eleven championships in his time with the team.

Barrow is buried in the same cemetery as two other Yankee Hall of Famers-his former employer, Jacob Ruppert and his star first baseman, Lou Gehrig.

Ed Barrow


August 21, 2010

Valhalla, NY

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