George Davis

In a twenty-year career that began in 1890 with the Cleveland Spiders, George Davis quietly spent two decades as one of the best hitters in baseball.  He hit better than .300 nine times while playing for the New York Giants.  He would jump to the American League Chicago White Sox in 1902 and then become embroiled in a nasty labor dispute when he attempted to return to the Giants the following season.  His 1903 season became a lost one when Charles Comiskey took legal action.  He returned to the Sox in 1904 and helped lead the team to their Championship in 1906, batting .308 with six RBIs in the World Series.  Despite amassing 2665 career hits, Davis was lost to baseball history until 1968 when he was rediscovered by Hall of Fame historians.

 George Davis lay in an unmarked grave for nearly thirty years before the Northeastern New York Chapter of SABR donated a stone to mark his final resting place.

George Davis


September 10, 2010

Fernwood, PA

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