Henry Chadwick

Baseball’s first great writer and promoter, Henry Chadwick was born in Exeter, England and emigrated with his family to the United States in 1837 at the age of thirteen.  Originally a fan of cricket and rounders, Chadwick discovered baseball on the historic Elysian Fields, where Alexander Cartwright had codified the rules of the game.  He used his influence as a writer at numerous newspapers, including the nationally circulated New York Clipper, to promote the game of baseball.  He developed the box score, helped clarify and originate additional rules for the game, and railed against rowdyism and gambling, knowing the legitimacy of the industry was at stake.  Known as the “Father of Baseball,” Chadwick is the only journalist enshrined at the Hall of Fame.

Chadwick’s grave features a stone column, adorned with a baseball on top and surrounded below by four stone markers carved to look like bases.

Henry Chadwick


Chadwick full                     Chadwick base


August 18, 2010

Brooklyn, NY

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