Joe Cronin

Few can boast a baseball resume like Joe Cronin.  Joining the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1926, he spent two unremarkable seasons with the Bucs before joining the Washington Senators.  In 1930 he hit .346, the first of ten times he would break .300 in a year.  After steering the Senators as player/manager during the 1933 and 1934 campaigns, he went to the Boston Red Sox where he maintained the dual role for eleven years.  In 1948 Cronin would take over the Sox as general manager, a title he maintained until 1958 when he became President of the American League.

Cronin is buried in the same cemetery as Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John F. Kennedy and the founder of the Special Olympics.

Joe Cronin


July 18, 2011

Centerville, MA

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