Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio, also known as “Joltin’ Joe” & the “Yankee Clipper,” spent all 13 years of his playing career as a New York Yankee wearing #5 and made the All-Star team each and every year, amassing 3 American League MVP Awards and winning 2 AL batting titles.  DiMaggio was one of the many players of the Greatest Generation who lost three years of his playing career to WWII, when he enlisted and served from 1943-45.  Appearing in ten World Series and winning nine of them, 1937 was one of his most prolific years with 46 HR, 167 RBI, and scored 151 Runs in 151 games played. He also holds the all time hitting streak record, when in 1941 he had at least one hit in 56 straight games, which to this day still stands as the most enduring record in sports history.  A marvelous fielder, there is no telling how many Gold Glove awards he would have accumulated had the award been given in his era.  He is also known to an entire generation as the spokesman for Mr. Coffee after his playing career ended, as well as for having been married to Marilyn Monroe.

-Ej Garr

Joe DiMaggio

April 26, 2015
Colma, CA

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