Lou Brock

What began in 1961 as a modest career in Chicago became something else entirely when the Cubs traded Lou Brock to the Cardinals in the middle of the 1964 season.  Over the next ten seasons Brock would lead the league in steals eight times, including a mind blowing 118 in 1974.  Brock would break Billy Hamilton’s 76 year-old record for career stolen bases in 1978.  He would ultimately retire with 938 steals lifetime, and remained the king until 1991 when the record fell to current champ, Rickey Henderson. He would also get 3023 lifetime hits, giving him a career batting average of .293.

 Brock was one of the most enthusiastic participants in the Hall Ball Project, posing repeatedly for multiple pictures until he was satisfied with the final product.

 Lou Brock


May 12, 2012

White Plains, NY

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