Luke Appling

Seven time All-Star and lifetime .310 hitter, Luke Appling spent twenty years patrolling shortstop for the Chicago White Sox.  Twice he finished second in MVP balloting, in 1936 and 1943, and four times he finished in the top ten.  He had a keen judgment of the strike zone, with an uncanny ability to foul off pitches until he got the one he wanted.  In a 1982 Old Timer’s Game, 75 year-old Appling connected to hit a home run out of RFK stadium.

Appling was a hypochondriac whose nickname was “Old Aches and Pains.”

Luke Appling


August 16, 2013

Cumming, GA

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    He later said that he had been lefthanded, a trait that he shared with his father, until he was in high school. White Sox finished in third place in the AL. Appling played in 81 games in 1938; he miss ed much of the season with a broken leg.

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