Orlando Cepeda

Hampered throughout his career by knee injuries, Orlando Cepeda still managed to build a Hall of Fame resume over a 17-year career.  Rookie of the Year in 1958, MVP in 1967, seven-time All-Star, Cepeda also hit 46 home runs and had 142 RBIs in 1961, leading the league in both categories.  After 8+ seasons with the San Francisco Giants, he went to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1966 and was a driving force in their Championship the following year.  He would also hit two home runs in the 1968 World Series.

A hero in his native Puerto Rico, his nickname was “The Baby Bull,” a nod to his father Pedro Cepeda who was a star in the Puerto Rican Leagues.

Orlando Cepeda


January 19, 2014

White Plains, NY

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