Walter Alston

Proving that the best managers don’t need to have been successful players, Walter Alston had one Major League at bat for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1936 and he struck out.  Instead, it would be his stewardship of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers that would earn him his place in the Hall of Fame.  He brought the first World Championship to Brooklyn in 1955, and remained the Dodgers skipper for their trek west and for 17 more seasons after that.  By the time he retired he had helmed four World Championship teams. He was such long-standing fixture in Dodger history that his rosters included Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax and Steve Garvey.

Alston is buried in the small town his family moved to when he was just a teenager.

 Walter Alston


August 18, 2011

Darrtown, OH

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