The Members F – J

The Members of the Hall are listed alphabetically by last name.  Click on the links below to bring you directly to each member and to find out biographical information about each Hall of Famer.  You can also discover if they’ve already become a part of The Hall Ball, including their order of acquisition and the date and location that the original photo was taken.

Faber, Red

Feller, Bob

Ferrell, Rick

Fingers, Rollie

Fisk, Carlton

Flick, Elmer

Ford, Whitey

Foster, Rube

Foster, Bill

Fox, Nellie

Foxx, Jimmie

Frick, Ford

Frisch, Frankie

Galvin, Pud

Gehrig, Lou

Gehringer, Charlie

Gibson, Josh

Gibson, Bob

Giles, Warren

Gillick, Pat

Glavine, Tom

Gomez, Lefty

Gordon, Joe

Goslin, Goose

Gossage, Goose

Grant, Frank

Greenberg, Hank

Griffey, Ken, Jr.

Griffith, Clark

Grimes, Burleigh

Grove, Lefty

Gwynn, Tony

Hafey, Chick

Haines, Jesse

Hamilton, Billy

Hanlon, Ned

Harridge, William

Harris, Bucky

Hartnett, Gabby

Harvey, Doug

Heilmann, Harry

Henderson, Rickey

Herman, Billy

Herzog, Whitey

Hill, Pete

Hooper, Harry

Hornsby, Rogers

Hoyt, Waite

Hubbard, Cal

Hubbell, Carl

Huggins, Miller

Hulbert, William

Hunter, Catfish

Irvin, Monte

Jackson, Reggie

Jackson, Travis

Jenkins, Fergie

Jennings, Hughie

Johnson, Ban

Johnson, Randy

Johnson, Walter

Johnson, Judy

Joss, Addie

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