Elmer Flick

Elmer Flick joined the Philadelphia Phillies in 1898 and spent the first four seasons of his career terrorizing National League pitchers.  Capable of both power and speed, Flick hit eleven home runs and stole 35 bases in 1900.  In his brief time with the Phillies he batted .338, but in 1902 he jumped to the rival American League.  After a two-week stay with the Philadelphia Athletics he quickly moved to the Cleveland team, known as the Bronchos and the Naps during his tenure.  He would bat over .300 for most of his career and would continue to be a top base stealer, although his power did drop off after the move to the AL.  He would end his career with an average of .313.

Flick was forced to retire at 34 because of a stomach ailment that doctors were never able to identify.  Although never proven, it was likely psychosomatic.

Elmer Flick


August 8, 2011

Twinsburg, OH

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