Ford Frick

Writer, Executive, Commissioner; Ford Frick spent his life shaping the game of baseball.  He started as a sportswriter in Colorado before he got a job in New York, where he covered the Giants and Yankees throughout the twenties and early thirties.  In that time he became a good friend and ghostwriter of Babe Ruth.  By the mid-thirties he became President of the National League and supported Jackie Robinson’s integration.  When Happy Chandler left the Commissioner’s Office in 1951, Frick replaced him and served until 1965.  He oversaw expansion west, leading to the 162 game schedule.  Frick will forever be remembered for his desire to tack an asterisk on Roger Maris’ single season home run total in order to preserve the record of his friend Ruth.

Frick was one of the driving architects in the creation of the Hall of Fame.

Ford Frick


March 6, 2011

Bronxville, NY

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