Frank Grant

Ulysses “Frank” Grant was one of the early stars of black baseball, and is widely regarded as the greatest African-American player of the late-19th and early 20th centuries. He was called “The Black Dunlap” in comparison to Fred Dunlap who was considered the best 2nd baseman of that era in the National League.  He began his career in 1886, playing minor league ball in Meriden, Connecticut and Buffalo, NY before the leagues became segregated. But in 1889, after the league banned black players he joined the Cuban Giants. He played many positions, including shortstop and outfield, but was primarily a 2nd baseman. He regularly hit well above .300, and also hit for power in what was the “dead ball” era. He was an outstanding defensive player with great range, and a terrific base runner. During his relatively short career (in an era when players changed teams regularly), he played for numerous Negro teams until 1903, including the New York Gorhams, Philadelphia Giants, Buffalo Bisons and Cuban X Giants. He was finally inducted into Cooperstown via Negro League Committee in 2006.

Tony Milito

The image below was taken after The Hall Ball initially visited Grant in August 2010.  Prior to 2012, his grave was unmarked.

Frank Grant


August 13, 2010

Clifton, NJ

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