Rick Ferrell

Rick Ferrell spent his eighteen seasons in the Majors as a standout catcher from 1929 to 1947, playing for the St. Louis Browns, Boston Red Sox, and the Washington Senators. He was selected to play in 8 All-Star games, including the inaugural game in 1933 where he was catcher for all nine innings. Ferrell was known for his ability to handle the knuckleball, as four of his pitching teammates on the Washington Senators threw the pitch. He finished his career catching 1,806 games, an American League record that stood for more than forty years, 1,692 hits, 735 runs batted in, and a lifetime batting average of .281, including four seasons where he batted over .300. After his playing career, Rick Ferrell worked for the Detroit Tigers as a coach, scout, general manager, and eventually vice president, and was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984.

-Michael Rinehart Jr.

 Ferrell was one of the classiest individuals in the history of the game, and he had an amazing memory.  His nickname was “Big Brain,” and as Tigers GM he had an encyclopedic knowledge of the organization.

Rick Ferrell


August 13, 2013

Greensboro, NC

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