Rickey Henderson

The greatest leadoff hitter in the history of baseball.  First appearing in 1979 with the Oakland Athletics, Henderson’s 25-year career would take him to nine different ball teams.  He led the league in stolen bases twelve times and runs scored five times.  He holds the lifetime records in both of these categories.  He finished in the top 10 in MVP voting five times before finally winning it in 1990, a season in which he tied a career high in home runs with 28 and batted .325.  He won two World Series, with the A’s in 1989 and the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993.  He was a ten-time All Star, including seven years in a row.  He passed Babe Ruth as the career leader in walks in 2001, only to have his total surpassed by Barry Bonds three seasons later.

The path of Henderson’s career is as follows: Oakland A’s (1) 1979-1984, New York Yankees 1985-1989, Oakland A’s (2) 1989-1993, Toronto Blue Jays 1993, Oakland A’s (3) 1994-1995, San Diego Padres (1) 1996-1997, Anaheim Angels 1997, Oakland A’s (4) 1998, New York Mets 1999-2000, Seattle Mariners 2000, San Diego Padres (2) 2001, Boston Red Sox 2002, Los Angeles Dodgers 2003.

Rickey Henderson


July 21, 2012

Cooperstown, NY

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