Waite Hoyt

Waite Hoyt played his one and only Major League game of the 1918 season with the New York Giants before spending two unremarkable years with the Boston Red Sox.  It was when he joined the New York Yankees in 1921 that Hoyt began a remarkable run of success.  He would win 17 or better four seasons straight, from 1921-1924.  He had his best season in 1927, backed by Murderer’s Row.  That year he led the league with 22 wins and a .759 winning percentage.  After winning three World Championships with the Yankees, he was traded in the middle of the 1930 season to the Tigers.  He would spend the remainder of his career playing for six different teams, including five years with Pittsburgh.  Of his 237 lifetime wins, 157 of them came with the mighty Yankees first dynasty.

After his playing days were over, Hoyt spent a quarter of a century in the broadcast booth calling games for the Cincinnati Reds, a team he never played for.

Waite Hoyt


August 18, 2011

Cincinnati, OH

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