Warren Giles

Warren Giles made his first foray into baseball in 1920 when he unexpectedly became the team President of his local club, the Moline Plowboys of the Three I League (Illinois, Indiana and Iowa).  By the mid-1920’s he was a part of Branch Rickey’s Cardinals farm system and in the mid-1930’s became the President of the Cincinnati Reds.  He led the Reds to a World Championship in 1940 and was one of the finalists, along with eventual winner Ford Frick, for the vacant Commissioner’s seat when Happy Chandler was removed in 1951.  Instead, Giles became President of the National League, a post he would hold until 1969.

Giles was a huge supporter of scouting the Latin leagues, years before the American League made their way down south.  This helped account for how dominant the NL was over the Junior Circuit during his reign.

Warren Giles


August 9, 2013

Moline, IL

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