William Harridge

Will Harridge never really played baseball, and didn’t have much interest in the sport as a young man.  It was a twist of circumstance that led to American League president Ban Johnson hiring Harridge as his personal secretary in 1911, the beginning of a forty-seven year career in the Major Leagues.  His role evolved into secretary for the whole league, a position he would keep until 1931 when he would become the third president of the AL.  As president he was instrumental in the creation of the All Star game, oversaw the relocation of the St. Louis Browns and Philadelphia Athletics, voided the contract of 3 feet 7 inch tall Eddie Gaedel, and ruled the league with a professionalism and lack of bluster that the owners never experienced under Johnson.

Despite having the second highest office in Major League Baseball, Harridge never had a formal written contract during his 28 years as AL president.

Will Harridge


November 22, 2010

Skokie, IL

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