Bill McGowan

After spending 12 seasons umpiring in the minor leagues, Bill McGowan broke into the Majors in 1925 and put together an impressive 30-year career as an American League umpire. During the 1940 season he had strung together 2,541 consecutive games umpired before having to take a day off due to an illness. McGowan was chosen to umpire in the first All-Star Game in 1933 and went on to officiate in three more All-Star Games and eight World Series. After twenty-five years of service, he was known as the ‘Dean’ of Major League umpires.

Michael Rinehart Jr.

 McGowan was umpiring’s “Iron Horse,” officiating 2541 consecutive games without taking a day off.

Bill McGowan


August 21, 2011

Wilmington, DE

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