Rabbit Maranville

Maranville made his debut September 10th, 1912 with the Boston Braves and went on to play 23 years in the Major Leagues. He always played the game at 100 percent and it was his fielding that enabled his career to continue for so long. He was the Bill Mazeroski (good fielder, average hitter) of his day holding many defensive records that lasted for over 30 years. Remarkably he received large numbers of MVP votes in 8 different seasons, despite having a career batting average of .258 and never hitting more then 5 home runs in any season. In part this is attributed to the first half of his career being played during the Dead Ball era. His last game was September 29th, 1935. He managed in the minors for a number of years after his playing career ended and was inducted into the Hall in 1954, just months after his death.

-Alan Bard

Like many Hall of Famers, Maranville’s gravestone reflects his military service and makes no mention of baseball.  He served as a gunner aboard the USS Pennsylvania during World War I.

Rabbit Maranville


September 18, 2010

Springfield, MA

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