The Members P – T

The Members of the Hall are listed alphabetically by last name.  Click on the links below to bring you directly to each member and to find out biographical information about each Hall of Famer.  You can also discover if they’ve already become a part of The Hall Ball, including their order of acquisition and the date and location that the original photo was taken.

Paige, Satchel

Palmer, Jim

Pennock, Herb

Pérez, Tony

Perry, Gaylord

Piazza, Mike

Plank, Eddie

Pompez, Alex

Posey, Cum

Puckett, Kirby

Radbourn, Old Hoss

Raines, Tim

Reese, Pee Wee

Rice, Sam

Rice, Jim

Rickey, Branch

Ripken Jr., Cal

Rixey, Eppa

Rizzuto, Phil

Roberts, Robin

Robinson, Brooks

Robinson, Frank

Robinson, Jackie

Robinson, Wilbert

Rodríguez, Iván

Rogan, Bullet Joe

Roush, Edd

Ruffing, Red

Ruppert, Jacob

Rusie, Amos

Ruth, Babe

Ryan, Nolan

Sandberg, Ryne

Santo, Ron

Santop, Louis

Schalk, Ray

Schmidt, Mike

Schoendienst, Red

Schuerholz, John

Seaver, Tom

Selee, Frank

Selig, Bud

Sewell, Joe

Simmons, Al

Sisler, George

Slaughter, Enos

Smith, Hilton

Smith, Ozzie

Smoltz, John

Snider, Duke

Southworth, Billy

Spahn, Warren

Spalding, Albert Goodwill

Speaker, Tris

Stargell, Willie

Stearnes, Turkey

Stengel, Casey

Sutter, Bruce

Suttles, Mule

Sutton, Don

Taylor, Ben

Terry, Bill

Thomas, Frank

Thompson, Sam

Tinker, Joe

Torre, Joe

Torriente, Cristóbal

Traynor, Pie

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