Brooks Robinson

Brooks Robinson played 23 years in Major League Baseball, all of them with the Baltimore Orioles.  Only 18 years old when he debuted in 1955, he was a natural lefty that batted and threw right-handed.  Robinson won 16 consecutive gold gloves and was a 2-time World Series Champion during his career, all of them while playing third base.  He is considered one of the best defensive third basemen to ever play the game.  Over the course of Brooks Robinson’s career he played an average of 162 games per season.  He won the MVP in 1964, leading the league with 118 RBIs.

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Saddled with #40 when he joined the Orioles, Robinson eagerly grabbed #5 when it became available in 1957.  He believed a lower number meant he “belonged” in the majors.  The Orioles retired #5 in 1977, his final year of play.

Brooks Robinson


October 20, 2013

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