Edd Roush

Edd Roush batted over .300 thirteen times and had a .323 lifetime average. Despite playing the majority of his career during the Dead Ball era, Roush still had 589 extra base hits including 30 inside the park home runs, 1099 runs scored and 981 RBI. Remarkably he never struck out more then 25 times in any season over his 18-year career. In addition to his hitting prowess, Roush was a great center fielder and is alleged to have had the strongest throwing arm in baseball. His 1919 Cincinnati team won the World Series against the Chicago White Sox in what is now known as the infamous Black Sox scandal. Roush had always maintained that his team would have beat them anyway.

-Alan Bard

Edd Roush


August 16, 2011

Oakland City, IN

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