Eppa Rixey

In 1912 Eppa Rixey was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies without ever spending time in the Minor Leagues. He would go on to play twenty-one seasons in the Majors with the Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds and became one of the top left-handed pitchers of his time. In 1922 Rixey led the league with twenty-five wins and 313.1 innings pitched and in 1924 he led the league with four shutouts. His career 266 wins stood as the National League record for left-handed pitchers until it was broken in 1959 by Warren Spahn. After twenty-one seasons, at the age of 42, Rixey retired from baseball with an ERA of 3.15, thirty-seven shutouts, and 4,494.2 innings pitched. In 1958 Eppa Rixey became a member of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and five years later.

-Michael Rinehart Jr.

Eppa Rixey


August 18, 2011

Milford, OH

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    Always witty, at the time Rixey said that he was glad Spahn beat his record because it was a reminder to everyone that he had set it in the first place.

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