Mule Suttles

Mule Settles, one of the most feared hitters in the Negro Leagues, was a giant of man whose monstrous home runs were launched off the 50-ounce bat he dragged to the plate.  As with many of the Negro League players, Suttles played for numerous teams, including the 1929 Newark Eagles where he anchored the team’s “Million Dollar Infield” which also included Hall of Famers Willie Wells and Ray Dandridge as well as Dick Seay.   By some accounts, Suttles is credited with being the all-time Negro League leader with 237 career home runs, including the first home run in the history of the famed East-West All-Star Game in 1933.  Certainly known for his power, Suttles also retired with a .341 lifetime average and his success against white All-Star teams during the barnstorming off-season show that Suttles could have been a superstar in an integrated league.

-Steve Smith

Prior to his 2006 election into the Hall of Fame, Suttles grave was unmarked.  The stone was donated with help from a local church.

Mule Suttles


August 13, 2010

Bloomfield, NJ

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  1. Priscilla Freeman-Miller

    Rev. Dr. William C. Hall, then Pastor of the church that donated the tombstone (New Light Baptist Church, 89 Dewey St., Bloomfield, NJ 07003) made aware of the unmarked grave of this great baseball player by NLBC member, Bro. Richard Goldberg of Glen Ridge, urged congregants to rectify the situation.

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