Sam Rice

Sam Rice made his Major League debut in 1915 with the Washington Senators and went on to play twenty seasons, nineteen with the Senators and one with the Cleveland Indians. He started his career as a pitcher, but was quickly converted to an outfielder where he became one of the greatest players of his generation. The well-rounded outfielder batted over .300 in thirteen seasons, collected 200 hits in six seasons, scored 100 runs in five seasons, helped lead the Senators to two American League Championships and one World Series Championship in 1924. Rice is well known for his controversial catch in game three of the 1925 World Series when he caught a fly ball that led him into the stands out of sight.  When he reappeared he had possession of the ball. The umpire called the robbed home run an out, which led to a Senator’s victory, although they would go on to lose the series in seven games. After twenty seasons in Major League baseball, Sam Rice finished his career with a .322 lifetime batting average, 2,987 hits, and 1,078 RBIs.

-Michael Rinehart Jr.

Sam Rice


July 5, 2011

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