The Members U – Y

The Members of the Hall are listed alphabetically by last name.  Click on the links below to bring you directly to each member and to find out biographical information about each Hall of Famer.  You can also discover if they’ve already become a part of The Hall Ball, including their order of acquisition and the date and location that the original photo was taken.

Vance, Dazzy

Vaughan, Arky

Veeck, Bill

Waddell, Rube

Wagner, Honus

Wallace, Bobby

Walsh, Ed

Waner, Lloyd

Waner, Paul

Ward, Monte

Weaver, Earl

Weiss, George

Welch, Mickey

Wells, Willie

Wheat, Zach

White, Deacon

White, Sol

Wilhelm, Hoyt

Wilkinson, J.L.

Williams, Billy

Williams, Dick

Williams, Joe Smokey

Williams, Ted

Willis, Vic

Wilson, Jud

Wilson, Hack

Winfield, Dave

Wright, George

Wright, Harry

Wynn, Early

Yastrzemski, Carl

Yawkey, Tom

Young, Cy

Youngs, Ross

Yount, Robin

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