George Weiss

George Weiss was an extremely successful baseball executive for over 50 years from 1915 to 1966. His start as an executive began when he founded an independent minor league baseball team in New Haven with the Colonial League, then associated with the Federal League. In 1919, at the age of 24, Weiss bought the New Haven team of the Eastern League and operated the team for ten years before he took over operations for the minor league Baltimore Orioles in 1930. Two years later Weiss was hired by the New York Yankees to create their minor league system, a job he held for 16 seasons.  He was able to help the Yankees claim nine American League Pennants and eight World Series Championships during his tenure. After the 1947 season, Weiss spent thirteen seasons as the Yankees General Manager where the team won an additional ten American League Pennants and seven World Series Championships. He later became the President and General Manager of the New York Mets, a new expansion team, for six years before retiring. During his successful career, George Weiss earned four Major League Executive of the Year Awards.

-Michael Rinehart Jr.

George Weiss


September 20, 2010

New Haven, CT

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    In Weiss’ thinking, Billy Martin didn’t fit the image of what a Yankee should be. When the infamous fight at the Copacabana Night Club happened, Weiss used it as an excuse to trade Billy, even though Billy was not involved.

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