George Wright

Born in 1847, George Wright’s British born father introduced him to cricket at a young age.  When his father’s Manhattan cricket club moved to Elysian Fields in Hoboken, he and his older brother Harry grew to learn and love the game of baseball. While Harry was the real pioneer, George had amazing talent on the field.  The highest paid player on the first openly professional baseball team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, George dominated at the plate that year, hitting .633 in 57 games. Just two years later, the Wright brothers were a part of the Boston Red Stockings, of the newly formed National Association, along with teammate Al Spalding.  George would hit .413 his first year and never below .329 in his five years with the dominant Red Stockings before the league folded.  With the creation of the National League in 1876, Wright would join the second iteration of the Boston Red Stockings, where he would play until 1881, although his final two seasons in Boston would lead to very little playing time.  He would play one final season with the 1882 Providence Grays before leaving baseball and returning to cricket.  He would retire with a lifetime batting average of .301 in league play.

Wright lived until 1937, long enough to see himself elected into the newly formed Hall of Fame.  He was also a part of the 1906/07 Mills Commission which labeled Abner Doubleday the creator of baseball. 

George Wright


July 20, 2011

Brookline, MA

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