Sol White

Infielder, manager, executive, writer-Sol White played a role in every aspect of Negro Leagues baseball.  He began his career in 1887 at a time when baseball was still integrated, only to be forced into the fledgling Negro Leagues a few years later.  He would become a driving force in black baseball for over forty years, first as an incredible player and then ultimately as an owner and manager.  In 1907 he wrote Sol White’s Official Baseball Guide, the first book about the pre-20th century Negro Leagues and now considered the definitive source on baseball from that era.

Prior to The Hall Ball Project, Sol White’s grave had been unmarked for over 50 years.  Through the efforts of the Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project, a stone was put in place in 2012.  White’s epitaph was written by Ralph Carhart, creator of The Hall Ball.

Sol White 


August 5, 2010

Staten Island, NY

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    One of the Globes players got his finger smashed and since they all knew Sol, the captain pushed him into the game. Originally a shortstop, White eventually “developed into a great all-round player filling any position from catcher to right field.

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